The Quest Cabinetry Story: Arlie and Joan's Vision

At Quest, we collaborate with top-tier manufacturers, ensuring durable and stylish products. Our Bozeman studio is not just a showroom but an interactive hub for clients, designers, and contractors. Unique in our approach, Quest remains involved from planning to installation, ensuring each project fulfills a dream.
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October 24, 2023
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In the midst of 2020, while the world was reevaluating the essence of home, Arlie Naeher and Joan Schafer came together to launch Quest Cabinetry. The name "Quest" wasn't just a catchy title; it represented their personal paths in the industry and the adventures of their clients as they crafted or revamped their homes.

Arlie's cabinetry roots trace back to 2003. Starting as a delivery person, he quickly climbed the ladder, mastering design, drafting, and installation. With a portfolio of 3000+ projects, Arlie cabinetry experience is the backbone of Quest.  Joan's path was less direct. After a decade in corporate accounting, she returned to Bozeman in 2000, immersing herself in the family construction business. Over time, as she and her husband, Tom, took on various home projects, her design passion ignited.

Their professional paths converged when Joan sought cabinets for a home project. After sifting through multiple suppliers, she connected with Arlie. Their synergy was undeniable and after a few years, Joan joined the team, and the vision of Quest Cabinetry solidified.

Our company pillars are clear: Deliver diverse, quality cabinetry, prioritize innovative, detail-driven designs, and offer unparalleled service from inception to completion.

Cabinetry isn't just about aesthetics; it's about longevity. Unlike other home elements that homeowners might swap out, cabinets endure daily wear and tear. Recognizing this, our philosophy at Quest emphasizes quality. We have partnered with four top-tier cabinet manufacturers to ensure durability and style. And while we partner on luxury homes, we are adept at stretching a budget without compromising design.

“Their attention to detail parallels ours, so it is a very symbiotic working relationship. Quest is always sensitive to the budget, caring about every detail throughout the build, and accountable for punch items at the very end. We are selective about who we team with, and Quest has become one of our top go-to partners. We would highly recommend them for any builder, designer, or architect in the valley.”
– Rachael Celinski, Director of Interior Design, Gallatin Valley Design Group

Unlike other suppliers, our involvement doesn't end post-purchase. We’'re hands-on from the planning phase, often a year before construction, ensuring every detail aligns. We've also built strong ties with cabinet installers, ensuring the final product mirrors the design. 

For every client stepping into Quest, it's a new chapter. Whether you're just starting or have faced hurdles elsewhere, our team is there to guide, ensuring each project is a dream realized.

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